Derailed by the Norovirus

It’s a bad day (and weekend) when the only person to get the virus in the house was ME.  No one else got it, no one else shared in my pain and all too well-known symptoms of this nasty and pointless virus that is living upon this Earth.  Really, what’s it’s purpose anyway?



Got way too comfortable in my gut for my comfort!

I’m glad it’s gone now, still don’t have an appetite though.  Nothing got done this past weekend, was barely moving on Friday.  Sorry for the disconnect this weekend, however I’m better now and almost recovered.  Fingers crossed that no one yet has shown any symptoms that they caught what I suffered through.

6 thoughts on “Derailed by the Norovirus

  1. I work in a hospital and have gotten it twice.. I AM NOT EVEN INVOLVED IN PATIENT CARE! My family was also spared (both times of course). No other way to lose 10 lbs in 36 hours.

  2. My kids both had it a couple of months ago. Took them out each for about 5 days. I still have no idea how I dodged that. Maybe Dr. Merlot?

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