Weekend “Would You Rather?” 16

After playing an interesting round of “Would You Rather?” with the family, I thought it would be fun to get into the game of a weekly blog post.  Feel free to join in on your own blog and be sure to give an answer to the question of the week.

**I will keep these questions rated G**


Would you rather be forced to tell your best friend a lie


Tell your parents the truth?

Be sure to leave your answer (and justification) in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Weekend “Would You Rather?” 16

  1. Never lie to best friend, always tell parents the truth. Friends get you through the day-to-day so must not alienate them. Parents got you to where you are so must respect them enough to be truthful… even if they don’t like what you have to say.

  2. Mother always got the truth….I would tell a lie to a friend only if the consequences for the truth would be devastating…

  3. I lie to my friends all the time and my parents have been dead for a long time now. The choice has been made for me. I have so few actual friends and we enjoy trying to trip each other up. It’s all in fun. When you live at a certain socio/economic level you can afford to play mind games because what other people think …. other perhaps than your broker or banker ….. is irrelevant.

    • Actual conversation I had with my parents after I moved out:

      Mom: It’s your responsibility, you better be there or else.
      Me: I choose….. or else. What is it?
      Mom: (glaring) Be thankful you moved out already.
      Me: Thought as much, love you.

      They stopped trying to control my life after this 🙂

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