Donald Trump, Word Salad Extraordinaire

I picked up on this after watching the debates.

Eat Pray Vote

By Bobby M.

Donald Trump finally held his first press conference in about six months and he still sounds as incoherent as ever. For someone who attempted to force President Barack Obama to show off his college transcripts, maybe someone should do the same for him. How can someone that communicates in the manner in which he does actually have higher education?

Supposedly he went to Fordham University before transferring to an Ivy League school in the University of Pennsylvania. But the way he talks, it sounds like he did not even make it past high school. I have to believe that both of those colleges admissions standards were relaxed because of some donation from his rich father.

While he did take actual questions from the media, when not accusing the reporter asking of fake news that is, he still did not give any real details. Apparently the man…

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17 thoughts on “Donald Trump, Word Salad Extraordinaire

  1. Let me rephrase the title of that piece a little bit …. “When you want to con The American People and don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about you write another anti-Trump article.” Sounds simple enough to me.Nobody knows what he is thinking at any given time and that is part of his defense, his leadership and his appeal. He is not out front with a lot of BS that means nothing but he says exactly what he means to say and it gives his enemies and those who hate him a big case of something in the pants. Time will tell whether or not Trump is unaware of anything and if it is disclosed the American People have the prerogative of electing somebody else and if they do decide to elect somebody else I am sure that whoever it is will have to endure the same mindless crap that is being hurled at Trump. It is a never ending cycle in a dysfunctional and failing governmental concept.

    • I don’t hate him…..yet. I need solid actions to support my feelings. He does repeat himself a lot, speaks in broken sentences and will often deflect a question with an answer that doesn’t match. Indeed there are no sources on the piece I reblogged, but some of what they wrote is able to be checked. I even wrote a piece a few months back on Trump’s habit of repeating a statement, worded differently, in a single sentence without ever actually giving an answer to the original question.

      • You are referring to a skill that once carried the title, “Political Speak.” The greatest politicians are masters at evasion and “political Speak” is their language of choice. This is what will be heard a lot until the new President gets oriented to the job and once he has become familiar with the presidential routine and the newsness and the novelty of being president wears thin and he settles in to the job, I believe you discover his statements will become more coherent, more cohesive, more decisive, more authoritative. Remember this guy is more or less one of us and has never been a politician outside a board room. This is a typical “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” scenario with the single exception that this time around Mr. Smith is richer than (Bad word deleted for the sake of decency.). There is a lot for the new president to absorb and he has a very short time to get acclimated and become proficient at what it is he is required to do … It is a job that can put 25 years of age onto someone in a very short time …. I think once he gets going he will surround himself with the best brains available and he will be making some good decisions and when that day arrives I think we will see a change in both is demeanor and language and he will become much clearer at expressing himself. Imagine the klutz that Abraham Lincoln was when he first arrived in Washington. You wouldn’t believe the things his detractors were saying about him … “Uneducated, “Stupid, Ape, Gorrilla …” all kinds of things. But Old Abe made it through somehow … as did G.W. Bush … and if they could do it, I am sure Trump can do it too. He just needs a little backup from the people he intends to work for — that would be you and me.

      • I’m relying on your optimistic predictions, however the jury will be deliberating for a while longer.

      • That is fair enough! Thank you. When you catch me in a mistake about something I have predicted please feel free to give me a heads up and I will either try to justify it by attempting to baffle you with bullshit or present true brilliance … whichever I deem more appropriate … and we shall all go on and enjoy life together … like it was meant to be from the beginning of time.

  2. trump and hillary needed each other to have a chance at winning. i dont think many people voted for either candidate this time– they voted against the person running against them.

  3. Let me rephrase the title to the original article a little bit: “When you don’t know what you are talking about and you want to con The American People … you write and publish another Anti-Trump article. Time will tell whether Trump is the idiot people think he is. I just find him to be a little cagy like any good deal-maker, leader and politician needs to be if he is going to succeed. And I doubt if anyone can deny that Trump is success oriented. Instead of finding new ways to attack the president-elect let’s all come together as Americans and start finding ways to help him do a great job in being President. I am sure he is open to good ideas. He is surrounding himself with some pretty smart, tough people. I doubt he will turn a deaf ear to us ordinary Americans.

    • After January 20th, he’s no longer a “business man”, he’s a politician. Whether he ignores us as a politician or not remains to be discovered.

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