Donald Trump’s Presser Only Confirms…

Good description of what we can expect over the next four years based on actions and decisions from the last month or so. I think a lot of people are going to be disappointed.

Eat Pray Vote

By Jessica Grant

Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me a moment to be perfectly real with you in regards to our President-Elect.

Donald Trump was able to get elected by hiding his tax returns, by making lofty, unrealistic promises, and by straight up distorting and contorting the truth. An already entitled man has been further lifted up by the hero worship of his supporters, by raucous cheering crowds, by fawning and flattering Twitter posts, and by frauds like Kellyanne Conway and Jeffrey Lord and Katrina Pierson who have obfuscated infinitely and defended his every stinking word. There is not one moment in which his supporters have not defended even the indefensible.

We have taken away the incentive for him to release his tax returns by rewarding this behavior with a victory. He does not see an upside to releasing them now. He has convinced himself (or is pretending) that the American people…

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2 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Presser Only Confirms…

  1. I’ve just realised you have a name! Hello, Andrew… I can pronounce that whether it’s real or simply your nom de plume… w1nt3l does not trip off the tongue!

  2. Sounds to me like an almost textbook replica of all the circumstances attending the advent of Barack Hussein Obama onto the presidential stage … almost a replay … and, of course total trump hating BS. I am also sure that the same intransigence that attended Obama’s multitude of apologizing tours and golf outings will plague the President-Elect as well. Par for the course … call it “American Politics.”

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