One word theme for 2017

Post Inspriation: One Word 2017: When The Words Don’t Seem Right, What Do You Do? by The Spectacled Bean

This was an interesting idea that I had to steal. I’m not a resolutions supporter as I wrote here, but this idea of a one word theme was intriguing. Taking a single word and using it to drive all decisions and actions for an entire year, it’s genius. I highly encourage you to read through the post that inspired me to write this one. I spent some time thinking about the one word I would select, which ended up being something that has been driving me for a few months.


Yup, that’s my one word for 2017 and is a continuation of what I’d been doing the latter half of 2016. Learning in several key areas over the last few months:

  • Family
  • Introversion
  • Minimalism
  • Technology
  • Politics

Additional key areas added for 2017:

  • Consolidation/Purging

I wrote about these already as my problem areas that I have been consistently working on for a few months to a few years. What I failed to understand is what is common among all of them: Learning new ways of thinking and doing. The first three are essentially in the same group and are inter-related. Technology in the spirit of living with it as an assistant to life instead of it controlling my life. Politics as I still have a ton to learn after discovering that the world I thought existed was figuratively a dream. Consolidation and purging is a natural progression of minimalism.

So, there, my one word for 2017 and my living theme is “learn”.

What’s yours?

9 thoughts on “One word theme for 2017

  1. Never too old to learn….a wise choice.
    I’m an old fart so I guess mine would be continuation….keep on keeping on…I guess….Maybe boil it down to continuity….a good post….chuq

  2. Thanks for the link. I like your word “learn.” It’s applicable to so many areas of life and is easy to remember how to apply it to those areas. Good choice. In December I’ll be fascinated to find out if you think this one word idea helped you throughout the year– or if you forgot about it entirely. Have done both!

  3. Learn is a great word! I always say that any day I learn something new is a good day and learning is a lifelong process. I’ve been purging for quite some time now as all the family seems to think my place is a good one to store their stuff. Do you have the need for a commercial storage shelving system. It’s for sale.;( Cheap. Minimalism is looking pretty good to me right now. My word for this year is Heal. I know it can be done and this is the year I put more energy into it.

  4. Well, I am too old now to learn anything more than what I have already learned …. which, I must admit in all my self-realization of personal excellence is probably far more than the average bear has learned so I guess I have to pick another word. —- I think at my age I will pick the word, “Survive.” — I will try to survive for another year and see how things work out. — Or I could just be content with accumulating another million dollars or so. — This is kind of a tough challenge. But I think “Survive” is the operative word for my purposes.

    • Never too old to learn, but from the little we’ve interacted online, survive is a good one that fits. Another mil to make sure it happens can’t hurt, lol

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